Berjalan diatas air, terbang dengan kepakan tangan ,itu hanya mimpi dunia...

Sabtu, 30 Maret 2013


I am re upload my project in 2011 Style Frame for Ripcurl , this is just video version.
Thanks for watching you all. hahaha

Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

Opening logo for "BERNAS"

      Actually this project i create in 2011, this opening logo for opening big event. I make this motion just in 1 day, i know this is crazy, because i have already accepted this job from my friend, so i can't reject this job..haha. Finally client very impress and love it, the last part this job nothing changes...yeaaah..


Minggu, 10 Maret 2013

Sad and Happy in February and march

               Sorry guys baru muncul, bulan ini aku sibuk banget karena ada kerjaan banyak yang harus aku handle, totally i am sleep in the office 3 weeks..haha..its no more fun again, but i am try do the best. finally, semua terbayar, all my boss like and excited what  i create with my little team, and call in " gempak" in Malay language  first i be grateful to God Allah S.W.T , for give me some energy and idea to work it. and many thanks to my little team ( hanafi and risyap) to be hard work with me, applause for you all. and this is happy story...haha

            And now in bad news, wacom  tablet graphic intuos 3 i have, has been died, maybe more than six years i use it. Have a lot of memories with my old wacom.. i am so sad this happening. and not only that, i lost my glasses to,when i sleep in office. 

           Maybe, in this post, i have something different? yups, i type with English language, i know many wrong vocab and grammar what i write..haha..i am now try and learning to speak and write with English, so i apologize, if you not my understand my language. hahaha 

            Yesterday i am buy new wacom intuos 5 for replace my died old wacom, very excited and many features in wacom intuos 5, overalls i am very love it, because i buy have touch screen series, its new experience to me. i know this is more high price than no touch series, but i am comfort with all new features. yihhaaa...

My old wacom intuos 3

new package intuos 5

this is like AK 47 for all designers in the worlds...Lol.
I am eat every day this "ayam penyet" 3 weeks ago..^_^
my desk so messy with my paper
when boring,  this is solution..
mustache grow up and lil